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In search of a new world.

When the sun was on the verge of departure,
and the moon was awaiting its stay,
you waited to ask me to come with you.

This world has seen its days,
while the sun found its ways to show the bad in the good days,
the moon had made sure that the bad days had their glimpses of glory too.

In these moments, we had seen the seasons pass by,
Losing some of ours to time,
Alongside finding some in the least expected ways on days.

As the moon came by, you stepped closer
Time has strange ways to tell tales,
here it was telling me about change.

As I took your hand and you swirled me around,
I saw the moments of love, grief, indifference pass by,
In a moment, the past world passed by like grains of sand.

Then you pulled me closer,
In your eyes I saw the glimpses of a future that awaited us,
The past world had shown me dreams of us.

Here we are, so close yet so far,
Our past worlds look at each other with indifference,
while our future worlds smile and await to merge into each other.

In the best o…

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