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2018, the year lost.

At a certain point of time in our lives, we start chasing.
We chase the dreams of who we think we are.
We start defining ourselves as the end point of what this chase is about.

The dream takes us places, cities, and to people.
To some we relate like mirrors of ourselves,
and in some we find the lost versions of who we used to be.

She's going to find herself one day, Rebecca seems like.
He's years behind,
caged in his view of how the world looks at him.

We try to run in circles, away from the reality of who we really are.
Trying to escape the fact that the one within will stay close, no matter how much we run.
And one day, we sit down and talk to the one within.

Its not so bad after all, is it? says the one.
Slowly, as we digest this idea, he says
Did you forget that you're chasing the chase? 

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