And it rained again.

Everytime it rains, it's kind of like a moment of truth for me, those past memories which got buried long ago come up.
Everytime it would rain, my grampa and I would play those chessy games, muma would make those delicious pakoras and pa would joke around, we'd all sing together or go for a ride together to check out how the city looks without light.
It is a wonder how fast time flies away. after i lost my grampa in 2006, everything started getting itself a duller look. The glue that held our entire family together was no more. It's so hard to bring things back to normal after all this.
He was the best man in the world. He taught me to walk in the rain and have fun dancing outside when other sat back at home. He waited everytime standing on the door, whenever I got a minute later than I should.
He is the only person who taught me that it was fine if you ate the food with your left hand, while others kept trying to change the hand I used.
His umbrella was my favourite, 'cause it was pretty big. It held me and him in it together.
Grampa would always make li'l jokes about things that happened, and everytime I'd say 'should I tell you one thing?' he'd always say 'make it two.'
His loud laughter still echos in my mind, like the best sound ever. Every time it feels like it would rain again, the swing downstairs reminds me of him and me swinging along singing old songs.
Every family needs my grampa, people like him decorate the world within their own colors.
He was a writer too, moments before he made his last diary entry, he was with me, checking upstairs, if I were doing fine. Muma n Pa were in B town, cause of muma's cancer treatment, and despite all my resistance as a teenager, this old man climbed upstairs, despite having recommended not to use the stairway, to see if I wasn't getting hurt by my newly discovered passion for cooking. All I did was slam a door, scream that We were fine and totally ignore him.
Few moments later he made his diary entry, writing how blessed he was, to have me around, and how much I mattered despite everything.. and then after he went to sleep, there was no coming back.. he had a heart attack, it gave him 14 more days of coma and on 14th Feb'2006 he passed away.


  1. normalcy always remain with changes happening around us.


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