Friday, 8 June 2012

At the Parlour.

People do wonder what is it in a Parlour that keeps a girl so close to itself. Well, it was pretty much told in Legally Blonde 2, but then still.. it's the talks. Sometimes, all you need is ears.. ears to tell whatever wrong is happening around, and just while they're doing your nails, they'll pick out the reason in a line and you'll wonder how come it was so easy to arrive at it.
The truth is every thing is pretty simple, just like that. It's just that sometimes figuring them out becomes tough. We can't really point the fingures at anyone in anything, we're all not wrong and wrong at the same time. 'Cause we make li'l mistakes to bring it up to the bigger mess. We might think that we contributed the least, but those least contributions make up the heap.
Silly things yet count so much.
No matter what, a parlour remains a paradise for girls. Not 'cause it offers those services, but because of the Ears.

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  1. I guess I would never get the reason why gals go to parlour like how many woman don't get the idea why men go to bar to hang out.