From within the Frames.

The world outside is a mere image of the 'real' world, probably Socrates's thought. Today while I drove upto Gym, I wondered about the reality in his thoughts. We were taught the earlier semester that language is one of the non-real mediums we've chosen to interact with the real world. But, what is Real? is it the world the way it looks like? or is it the way we've canvased in saving it within the frames of our glasses?
Too many things to ponder abort.
Every time I drive, I see the world like a long road. We all have different starting points and destinations; yet some of us drive too hastily to leave the others behind. How well is that justified? when the races are different, track definitions are different, will it even matter if one of us is ahead of the other. Sometimes, there are hoards of vehicles culminated like in a cluster, they're competing within each other, again why are we even racing? For a time or so, we might have same destination, but then ultimately the total journey is different.
They all talk about coming First in the classes. I fail to see the point in that.


  1. I have felt many a time what is real. Is what I see is real or what I am told to see is real. many a time I conclude reality is worse than nightmares. When I watched the movie Matrix , I used to ponder is the world I live real or an imaginary reality ?


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