Monday, 2 July 2012

Unsaid Words.

And the evil momentum passed by,
taking away it's blues;
rose amongst the faded shades,
Sun amongst the darkest hues.

And the one who should've waited left,
not wondering what was to happen now,
They were all the same,
faces of slander, wrath and brawl.

The part of me that he took away,
killed out the left one,
and all that marked its presence,
was a loud shreak of silence.

From lefts to rights,
every curve gave away it's facade;
and crushed out the feel of pain,
the left outs were just a broth of vain.

Everything went back to nothing,
and took off with the filths of wonder.
And I was left by,
within nowhere to ponder.

Test of time is something everyone goes through, those times add shades of blue to our lives. We give up to grow up and take those memories to write our memoirs of hope.
And sonner or later, we rise again either with it or without it.

This is my last post at The Writer's Lounge.

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  1. I connected well with your note. we live with out past memories but never live in past memories.