Creed and being broken.

There can't be something as amazing as the music by Creed. Everytime there's something different to offer within the same song. Feels like even a million hearings won't cover for the magic it carries within itself. The aura is amazing.
It makes me think of him and what might someday happen.
I see a few stories.
The one that says the song is playing in my head and we're at a pub with different people. And in the crowd, we spot each other halfway through. I see him coming to get for me, looks at me and smiles. Apparently, I keep staring him, searching for all the reasons I couldn't find. He reaches for me and gives me a hug and there's no going back. We end up travelling together and without any justification every problem ends. Everyday, this little dream pops into my head and can't find a way back aboard.
There's this other version too.
I see myself standing in the library, searching for something I can't find. That's when someone props me from the behind, and says there's someone waiting for me at the outside. As I move to the outer space, I don't see anyone and then suddenly someone holds me and kisses my cheek. I see it's him. Like what happened never happened ever. I cuddle him up. We take the road and the fight is a distant memory.

Sometimes in the night, I wake up and cry, thinking that he's waiting right outside the main entrance and they won't let him in. He keeps defying the odds and that every other way is blocked.

I don't have any justification for whatever is happening around. But, it's happening again.
It's struck me harder. And, seems like there is no solution to Death.
I miss him.


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