Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dreams of you.

You're my lullaby.
Every night, I have to lie to myself that you're there. Still here. Never gone. Like nothing happened.
These lies bring in me the peace of your presence.
I talk to different people, to try to avoid the feel of your absence. I try to make you disappear from my mind.
But then, everytime you end up coming back.

I dreamt of you last night. It felt like you still existed.
I stayed in my home and waiting for you to show up, and this time you did.
You entered and then we left for some place together.
We went back to the times we lived in.
In those places with our friends waiting at the ice-cream parlour. We met them again. The last time I had seen them was with you. It felt like we were back to the life we used to have. Cracked jokes, talked shit and were happy. Like everything was for real. Like nothing ever went wrong. Like no one ever died.
Like we could still play scotland yard, screaming like hell.
like we were always waiting at the terrace for the night to end and the day to begin.
Like every eclipse that we saw together came back to make us see it again.
Like everytime I looked out of the balcony thinking of you, you could show up and give me the presence of your dimples.
Like I could still dance in the rain with you.
Like you could kiss my cheek again letting me know that nothing ever went wrong.
Like those kitkats could get back to me from you.
Like we could still drive longer distances just knowing that nothing else mattered but your presence in my world.
Like you could just exist.
Like you never died.
Like nothing ever went wrong.
Like I could still caress your hair and fall asleep in your arms.
Like you existed again.
 If only, one of these wishes could be granted, I'd give up everything.

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  1. Beautiful emotions and how your words present them is even more beautiful.
    Keep writing. :-)