Saturday, 27 October 2012

Along the Highway.

Tracing my steps along the highway, one thought kept perching my head throughout.
What Now.
I've never felt so untracked up as I feel now.
The sole source of my plan was him, S.
My life hovered around him in possibly every sense. No matter how sound I sound, my plan-less-ness makes me scared to death.
The reason is because he was the reason for everything. I had planned down my entire life to be spent with him, doing this Now that he's no more, I'm more than just Direction-less.
There seems an illusion in my head as to what next.
I was someone who planned everything beforehand alongside him.
The worst was, I had never driven on the highway without him right by my side. Now, when I do, I feel like I'm playing a game with death. Not only I suck at it, I can't even take in the thought of doing it without him.
Insanity has started to reign in my head for every nostalgic reason.
At the moment, this feeling makes me feel cracked up.
I miss his existence.
I have no clue as to what am I searching for NOW.


  1. Perhaps there will be a new purpose, a new objective destined for you now !!!

    1. I appreciate your response.
      It's been 1021 days.. I don't know where is this heading.
      Professionly, I'm not letting things down. But, in the inside I'm just empty as for now.

  2. You will figure it out in time. Maybe not just yet but you will.

    +To Me It Matters+

    1. Thanks for giving it a thought.
      Hoping I do.

  3. I've never understood how our life can be concentrated on one person from the opposite sex, when there is so much more to it, so much more to love, and to see. I tend to disagree with a few of these nature's plays, maybe, they are just something I'll never understand.
    I hope it all works out for you!Thank you for visiting the blog, I hope to read your views about my pieces! :)

    1. Its a little hard to understand not knowing that through out the time since I've been around, I've been with this person. From the time when I was being raised as an infant, to now. From the first times at bicycle riding, to figuring out what after 10th, I was with him.
      I lost him when I was in 11th and so was he.
      Now that I'm in the 2nd year of the college, it seems like a big question as if I could get these things in life, why not him.
      Probably, it's too complicated.
      Thanks for giving it a thought. Your works were brillant. Glad to have come across them along. Sure, you'll find me scribbling along.
      Take Care!

    2. Comment Moderation won't let me comment on your works.
      Here's what I wrote for your work called 'Lost and Gone'-
      "Just when I read it,
      a tear fell down my eye as I pictured every glimpse of emotion captured by you.
      Death is indeed worse than every spec of our imagination.
      Magic lies in your hands, and you portray it magnificently."

    3. I am sorry, but I bet you are destined for something else much better for you!

      And thank you so much, I am so grateful for your kind words! Also, I am not sure whats wrong with it! I hope you'll visit it again! Thank you.

  4. We make a plan whereas God makes a different plan, sometime it matches, sometime it crashes leaving a broken heart wounded forever or for sometime until the perfect one comes to mend it. Just don't get carried away with your emotions, these are nothing but chemical reactions. Love the life you have, you will get your love companion sooner or later! Take care :)

    1. Thank you so much for saying that.
      I hope things work out this way.
      So true about it not being our choice, we're all in the God's game here.

      Thanks for giving it a thought. :)

  5. Plans are evidene of thought and desire, but they are not history books!

    1. So true, gradually there are such different changes, that I could never have imagined myself doing things like these.
      I changed my professional choice at under-grad, 'cause I couldn't carry along.
      Now, a lot has changed. Even my location.. earlier, I used to stay at a place near his residence, now that I've moved, I don't have to come across a lot of things I didn't want. Though I often hover around his places.
      Things are changing. I don't know whether for good or not, but I have hopes to.. maybe find him somehow again, or maybe someone so much similar.

  6. :-( Another heart-break? :-( Time is the only key...