Friday, 23 November 2012

The Mansion.

There it stood, within it's wilderness, in the season of winter, draping and losing it's sheath. The red mansion was pretty, had it's own aura. The large glass doors and windows added to the charm. The front porch had a palm tree which added to it's glory.
'Is this our new house Mommy?' asked Amanda with a smile of amazement. With magnified eyes and a little nod, Zora passed away a smile. Happiness flew from within itself on the thought of having to stay in a mansion as pretty and huge as this.

'Won't Daddy come along?' was Amanda's next curious question. Since the divorce, this was Zora's first venture away from Zyed's home. She thought for a moment, they were practically in the same city. But Amanda's custody was with Zora now. She twisted Amanda's attention away from it by showing her the inscription on the palm tree.
It read 'Aman'. They surpassed it, and started checking the ground floor. The ground floor was welcomed by an entrĂ©e, followed by the drawing and the dining interconnected. The right side had a staircase leading it to the first floor.
The first floor opened into a room with windows on three sides of the wall, it was an open spaced room with hooded ceiling. The room had a different aura about itself.
While Zora opened the windows, she was taken aback by the sound of a child crying. She went downstairs to check on Amanda. Amanda was playing in the sand by the Palm tree, she gave Zora a smile and showed her the little sand castle she was trying to make out of it.
The entire day passed by in unpacking the luggage. In the evening Amanda and Zora went for a stroll.
'Did you just move into the 21st South Avenue?' asked a lady as she noticed the new appearances.
'Indeed, aren't we right beside each other?' was Zora's nodding response, 'Oh..yes..Welcome to the South Avenue, may I know your name little darling?' Aisha extended a hand towards Amanda and held hers for a moment. Shying away and hiding behind Zora, Amanda narrated her name.
'It's pretty cold these days, the winters are chilling and the snow's about to show up in a few..'.
'Yeah, it's the time of the year when the hail storms might just occur..'
'Are you related to the Rosewoods?'.
'No..we rented it from the McGuire's, were the Rosewoods living here?'.
'The Rosewoods owned this mansion for the last twenty two years. A year ago, they left this place and  sold it. Since then, three families moved in and out.. You're the fourth ones. McGuire's stayed here for  two days after they moved in, however just like the last two, they left as well.'
'People don't like it much.. or what's the deal with this place?'
'They all say the same story..'
A sudden thunder sound meant that Zora rushed indoors to close the windows and doors. Amanda collected her toys from the backyard and helped Zora.
As Zora stepped towards the room on the first floor, she felt a drag, as if someone pulled her legs from behind towards the ground floor. The crying sound made her feel like Amanda was scared, she hushed it away, saying Wait Sweety, Mommy would be right there. She caressed the hand that held her thigh.
As she closed the outer window from the first floor, she spotted Amanda on the road dancing in the snow that had started falling, she looked back and there was no one.

Amanda..sweets..the dinner's ready..let's eat Amanda..come to Mommy.. Amanda lied sound asleep in the couch right in front of the television. All of a sudden, the sound of a crying of a baby instilled, like it came from the first floor. Zora climbed up the staircase and suddenly, the electricity went off. There were sheer silence for a moment, which was accompanied by the sound of a moving cradle with tuning toys over it. All of a sudden, it started sounding like a baby was crying. Zora was taken aback by the moment she saw two little kids standing right in front of her.
The electricity got back, and the kids were gone. Zora was taken aback by the presence, and moments later, all she felt was unhappiness which made her cry.
She felt like she could sense their presence. Like they narrated a story.
She felt like she was in the room with the kids, with other people roaming around as well.. And Mr. Rosewood was off the town, where Mrs Rosewood stayed home with the caretakers. Mrs Rosewood went out for a while, when the two servants out of vengeance against Mr Rosewood, threw the kids in the cradle from the first floor. 
Zora felt a drive to take Amanda away from this presence, and rushed outside taking Amanda in her lap never to return to this place.

P.S. The place where I live is in front of the Red Mansion. Aman died in 2010, who was a son of the Chabra's. Since they've left, any family that moved in here couldn't survive for more than 5 days. The front haunted room(as they call it) is the place where they still hear a child crying, and the inscription in the tree remains visible since they've left. The last family that lived here, told me this story, and they were threatened enough to not step in to pack their own stuff.


  1. Fascinating story! Thanks for following my blog--following back. I see you are a law student. Where? I retired last year from teaching law. Best of luck to you with the law and with your writing!

    1. Hey Galen,
      Thanks! :) I'm doing law from a National Law University in India.
      Thank you so much. I hope I learn as much as I can from you.
      Take Care. :)

  2. Reading this at 2:30 a.m. in an empty house was a bad idea!

    +To Me It Matters+

  3. The haunting is well done. Great piece.

  4. Errie! Great read PA. Looking forward to more from you. Thanks for connecting.Have a good day.

  5. I agree with Sandy...this was amazing. Such a gifted writer you are :)

  6. wow! i love haunted house. i have a lot of experience with ghosts and spirits. my school is super haunted, sometimes, during rainy days, i can see some black figures walking by the corridors.

  7. now thats something i have read in books and seen in movies...
    such things happen in the real world too ha?

    hey have you tried anything there?

    1. nothing apart from passing from in front of it all the time and staring at the window for something to look back at me. :P

  8. Hey Purple, you know how to scare people! Its eleven, and am scared :|

  9. Sad. Hope and pray that the little souls find eternal peace!

  10. Oh scary indeed, and ditto to Jerly's comments, sincerely hope that they find that illusie eternal peace.

    Great Post, and nicely penned down...

    Btw, first time on ur blog, following it :)

  11. Dear follower friend iam hear to say thanks for all support…ur support my success…Keep writing & reading…waiting to hear more…good luck…GOD<3U

  12. Woah now, that was a good piece of writing.:)

  13. Very well narrated, and quite scary to find out at the end that it was a true story right from where you're living.

  14. totally scary...totally intriguing story....