Saturday, 25 May 2013


As I gently opened the door trying not to make a sound, I knew he'd be awake. He never stopped caring. All these years, as I moved out, got back, or stayed in for a few days, he always counted on me returning back to this place, even when I didn't show up.
He would wait by the door till I snapped the key in and then like knowing it was me, would wag his tail hard enough to make a patting sound with the door.
These last years, as we all grew up, so did his worth. He had babies, we met them often, but never came across someone as quiet and understanding as him. He was always the one who kept it low. Not a fan of expressing himself much, like it runs down in this family, he always lied beside those who preferred.

Whenever he and I would go for a walk, he'd want to show me around places, like proving he belonged here. All those who knew him, would make sure they give him a call, when he's around. He was the one who acknowledged the appreciation.

Whenever I'd feel down, like he knew something was wrong with my mind, he'd come by lie by my side, and somehow that silence was all that I needed. Someone who licked my tears when I needed a shoulder. Someone who gave his entire life for the sake of happiness of those who believed in confining his existence within four walls, calling it a better atmosphere than those running lose. (I doubt what we know of Freedom). Yet, I haven't fallen in love with the same person as many times as I've fallen for him.

After S died, they had him waiting for me, at the house.
He made it all beautiful. Everything.

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Blurred Future.

A part of me doesn't know that accident happened. A part of me believes there was a future.

As I opened the door to the entrance of his house, I saw him washing his Car. Within those dusty clothes and sweaty face he gave a smile of those shiny dimples. He was now a grown man. The one with a french beard, long face, military haircut, worked up arms and the lost smile. Everything made me fall for him. His love for me was still the same, at least I liked to believe that. Still opening the door for me, making sure everything I did involved minimum possible risk and maximum possible affection by him.

As I headed to sit by and give him the hug before leaving for my trip aboard, I wanted to seal the time and moment right then, in that smiling face. In those glittering eyes that belonged to him, yet belonged to me.

In that dream, he came forward told me he was coming along and everything went right.
But we aren't dreaming right? 

This part of me always says, I want to tell you the truth, but I don't want you to know it. At least, not yet. And Time, I've stopped counting on you.