Coloring the self.

For most the world is a rat race. They compete, strive, forgetting that the one's they're standing against are the ones they love the most.
For the rest, the race is about making the self better.
Choices do make a lot of difference.

Sometimes, the trap is between choosing to be selfish or selfless. The first instinct goes with selfless. But, there are 'buts' to it. Always.

Selflessness would mean standing for them. Being just to the others. Keeping them as the first priority.
Selfishness would mean being just to the self. Knowing that, one has to strengthen one's own stand too.

Sometimes, despite making no damage to the others, the choices make us selfish.
But then where is the justice?
The battle is equally balanced on both sides.
Loving them, and loving self are both very important.
But choosing either, turns unjust to the other. And No, sometimes, there's no middle way out.

The battle is between choosing which shades to color oneself with. When both the shades are lovable, important.


  1. I feel you. I get caught up in that trap between selfishness and selflessness too. it's a very fine line and sometimes hard to discern. it's a tight rope to nowhere.

  2. So true. Sometimes we are so caught up in caring for others, that we forget about ourself. While other times we become so immersed in ourself that we forget about everyone else. It's hard to do justice to both.

  3. I have noticed that some people in life are selfless for selfish reasons...and some people are selfish for selfless reasons...does that make sense?

    1. I don't know about the latter, but the former is true.

  4. I believe that when you selflessness is being utilized by the person u actually care for, to ur detriment..its time to take a step back and being a little selfish.

  5. Its a hard choice.A thoughtful post!

  6. You are right...sometimes or I'll say we often tend to care about others and forget ourselves and then that's the turning point..but the problem is that they ignore you and think that it's just our duty to do...we become nothing for them.

  7. I know what you mean... it is like walking a tight rope choosing between being selfish and selfless... It is good to be selfless, however; you still have to take care of yourself too:)

  8. Hey there..
    thanks for visiting me and giving me the opportunity to land here.
    lovely space you have... I liked the title of your blog :P

    battle is between choosing which shades to color oneself with
    and this battle continues... for eternit
    after one there's another... we cross one, raises another. Self-check is the most important part.. Isn't it ??

  9. Very rare acts are truly selfless

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  10. Wisdom!
    I feel very sorry for people who view this life as a rat race, how exhausting can that be.

  11. Purple I have to agree with the second part of the statement Optimistic made: "some people are selfish for selfless reasons." I am selfish in the sense that I must ensure I am looked after, that I am in balance and my needs are met... without balance I am useless to do selfless acts for others. Self care, sure even a bit of indulgence every now and again, are vital to my well being.

    The first two years of my studies in social work we focused a lot on finding balance, letting go, doing some difficult work, if I'm not healthy how can I be there to help those who struggle?

    Yes I am selfish, in a positive light; selfish to be selfless.

    I LOVE the party theme you have going on here, makes me wanna have a party! :-) Cheers.

  12. Getting the balance is quite important and it will differ from situation to situation.

  13. Selfishness is a function of survival. Selflessness is a function of conscious thought that rises above the baseline.


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