Saturday, 21 September 2013

The most important question.

Look inside, pick a book and tell me why. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Writer's Soul.

From the time I started understanding what holding a pen meant to me, the peace it gave to my soul, I knew this wasn't conventional.
Then I started reading, not much appealed, but what did, stayed. All the scribblings started making sense, like the heart lived in them.
Knowing myself, I've started realizing what it feels to be one, like a writer.
You love thoughts more than gold, different ones, the answers are what you seek, more than money.
It stops to matter what they say, what you think starts to matter.
You've been consistent in everything, be it the quests you take your heart for, or the day to day initiatives.
Then you meet those people, who conquer your heart, they're the ones with the right set of words, to answer your concise.
When you meet them, you ask them to scribble it down, so the best gifts you ever give are the diaries you treasure, collected from different times, saving them for the untold stories.
Your heart matters so much more than your mind that your priorities know to lead you towards your heart.
You don't look for answers anymore, you look for the better set of questions. You conquer the inner world, and define peace to your mind. Your mind finds a way out of the practicality and rationality that topples the judgment of the world.
You realize there is nothing really good or bad, its all about the heart, how well it conceives it.
Expectations aren't your thing, you lay back and do your part, and the rest is always a surprise, so whatever comes makes you happy either way, be it as gratefulness or as a lesson.
You know you know you. So all that matters is the smile at the end of writing a post, something that makes your day.
The only thing that breaks your heart is the discontinuity that books have, when you fall in love with one, you can't see it coming to an end. But then, you know its the writer who has appealed to your soul, so you can always go buy the other one (and try consoling yourself with such statements).
You care for the hearts of others, no matter who, you can't hate anything or anyone, you value their heart as much as you value yours and yet keep expecting miracles!

And the miracles come to you, 'cause you know you're a blessing to the world.
Thanking is your pursuit.
You live your dreams, every day, every minute.
You know its a happy little world, and you keep flashing that magic wand in your hand, that pen!

P.S. If you're a left handed person, you love yourself a little more than people conventionally do! :D

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Only change is permanent. 

Meeting people in life who want to change you, to accept you doesn't make sense to me. Wanting to change this or that in me, so that I'm acceptable to you, is the worst in people that comes out with time.

All those who can't accept me for who or how I am today, surely don't deserve me with any kind of change, 'cause the changed me would still be temporary, so tomorrow, when I'd change again, I will stop being acceptable to you.

Be it family, I've got to remember that those who don't accept me for who I am today, aren't worth being with. No matter when. They're like temporary influences that keep passing by.
I'd rather be alone that with people who are looking forward to change me, to draw their peace of acceptance.