Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Personifying you.

It seems like I've found you.
Not in person though, but you're everything I've ever wanted you to be.

In the first place, you're tall, of course 6 feet plus. That's where my first thought resides.
Then you're strong; with larger palm, large enough to hold mine within.
Then you're the funny one, 'cause I've got too much of my seriousness already, you know how to make up for it.
You have a laughter worth counting one, the one in which I can bury myself and not care what the world knows.
You're the mushy practical one. I'm the dreamer, you put my dreams to reality.
You are different, like you don't care what they think.
All you do is blush around me, letting my friends know you have it all for me.
You find ways to fit in my life. I'm the shy one, won't make a move to come around you, even when I'm secretly always thinking of you. You're the one with the moves, always finding the right reasons to fit in.

You have all that I needed ever. The answers. You could buy my world with that. Your imagination is enticing. You are the one I asked to be a writer. I am in love with your thoughts. You are real. My dreams are unrealistic, you bring them to life.

I'd like to hold onto this feeling. It's liberating.
Often I find a safer place in my imagination but now it feels like things are about to change.


  1. So beautifully written. What a wonderful description of what's perfect. Keep writing love.

  2. I know that scary jump... I took it and wow the feelings that came along with it were some of the best feelings I have ever had... I hope the change is wonderful for you, even though it can be scary...

  3. A lot of beautiful romanticism here...this is wonderfully written. What I have always found interesting is that our ideal love often ends up being dissimilar to the person we actually end up falling for :)

  4. If we are looking for perfection, chances are more for dissappointment, instead I try to make and feel everything given to me as perfect:)

    1. Sometimes, we find our definition in perfection in the person we fall for. This is what I was portraying.

  5. Wow, this is how love feels :)

  6. Wow, beautiful... This is among the reasons why I love to stay inside my imagination. I fantasize about these things, too, sometimes. The thought of going back to reality then becomes terrifying because my reality is nearly the opposite of what I daydream about. ♡

  7. And I m perpetually in a dream world, making images of a perfect life :P This is just like one of them !

  8. Aw your words made me smile. May this beautiful bond you have be safe from everything bad,and sustain to live long. I can imagine your joy :3, sounds priceless.

  9. Lovely. I want to be captivated by someone like this.. but then I reel it in and convince myself that romance is for movies. Contradictions...

    Breakfast After 10

  10. i have always had a hard time believing such love could exist... and then you find it and realize all those love songs and stories and poems, they're all happens.

  11. Well ..well
    bubbly days ahead...rosy clime to accompany...
    Not just imagination i guess...

  12. I love the third to last paragraph. Wonderful thought :) thanks for expressing this so perfectly!

  13. I have been trying to comment on your latest post for more than 15 minutes and its not working. :/ *confused* Happy Diwaaaaliiii to you! :D

  14. ooh ooooh! you succumb to intelligence. i like that! :)

  15. Oh I love your writing style. You had me with every word.This is beautiful. B

  16. I really feel this and think you are very lucky to have found this and heartwarming..once in a lifetime happening..nicely written.