Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stars and her.

The place was set, the trumpets blaring, stars aligned, routes cleared.
She was waiting for her new venture which the foreteller was now to send her for. She was excited, as this would be her last one. Enough had come out from the past ones, she would then leave this level behind and move on to the next one, but there was this strange connection she had now started feeling with this level, the people, like a lust for a longer stay. She was the chosen one. She knew she wanted things to last, but then moving on meant more than that. She would have to leave. She told herself she'll make this last one, the most beautiful one, most thrilling, fearless, happy and colorful.
She turned to see the foreteller smiling at her excitement.
This should mean you've got things already running in your head.
'Isn't that like always?' was her inquisitive quick reply. 'But then there are more than just simple plans for this one! I'm gonna make things last' came out more like a note to oneself.
That has been the case with you, I wanted to tell you that there's a surprise to your venture this time though. 
For a second she paused, only to realise that this brought a smile. She loved surprises, even when they were the worst ones. In the past she had noted that the foreteller would cast a spell on a venture and then all she had to do was decipher the spell and find the cue. She was so much in love with this game of decoding and finding the exit that all it did to her was add more adrenaline.

She waited for him. He brought the piece of paper.

To your words be gold, 
And the faith behold.
To your world be complete,
and your self discreet.

To your understanding unbound,
and best realities be found.
Here I say, 
except the scar, utter dismay.

For he shall come, 
and till then you'll lay.
Within the shell of your wrap,
uncover he shall, and then you'll play.

She realized she had found him. The cover was now to be unveiled. The wait was over.

P.S. Happy Diwali everyone. :)