Friday, 13 December 2013

Insatiable bliss.

Waking up to the sound of your breathing beside me gave a sense of peace. The pictures were still hazy from within the alcohol, the shimmering sunny curtains, the wind chime blowing by, the glossily lit colored glass works, the painting of that horse running by. For a few moments everything was still moving, like happiness was blowing by. The sound of the cuckoo on the window sill, the greenness outside the frames, the slowly moving fan above our head, like we were in a perfect little world, painting our dreams.
You lifted the fallen shell of that sheet to cover me still too bright to open your eyes. I was lost in the gaze held towards you, like time stood still, the world was passing by.
I whispered in your ear are we still dreaming?
That cornered dimple smile flashed by, holding me closer, you gave a slight nod.
Those mornings are far. There's not a Never though. 
P.S. I'm dreaming of him again. But surprisingly, there's happiness to it. Content. Joy.
So much for a dead boyfriend aging 3 years and 11 months now!