Thursday, 20 February 2014

Comfortable within my skin.

Teaching yourself to be fearless, to be infinite, to look beyond, not care about smallest of things, to love oneself sets one free of all that's not needed.
Letting go comes with time, to tell yourself to let go, takes something.
From living within all the discomfort, hatred, to today, where I love who I am, happiness is all I've gained.

Traveling gets you there.
Mother once narrated a story to me.
A proud king used to think that all in his kingdom were dependent, for what they were on him.
Out of his 7 daughters, the youngest disagreed and accepted that she was dependent upon herself for who she was.
This came to him as a dishonor, disowning the daughter he got her married to the most helpless man in his kingdom, one infected with leprosy, living beside a tree.
She accepted the same, took care of the husband. One day, to fetch him some drinking water, she took a vessel to the nearby pond. There she saw a crow diving in the water and coming out as a swan. She took the water in the vessel to her husband, he drank it and changed into a prince. He told her that he was the prince of the biggest kingdom in the world and had been cursed with the worst, however for making him recovered, he now owed his life to her. She was taken as the new queen and loved beyond measure. 
Her husband's kingdom started annexing nearby regions, and subsequently one of the kings of the annexed kingdom was brought to seek pardon in front of her husband.
It turned out that the king was her father. 
He accepted that all through, she was dependent on herself. 

Independence is a state of mind, she told me.
I owe who I am, to my mother and myself.

Thank you for contributing to who I am today.