Monday, 14 April 2014

Mended feelings and broken vows.

Is she around you? 
She is. She's been here. But we've been far too distant to know each other, living in separate worlds.
She searched for me. Last night when I heard from her, it broke me down.

She came back for you?
She wasn't supposed to. I don't think I could take it. I asked her to come, but right then I left, making sure I didn't have to face her.
She's his reflection. Sisters often are. Similar worlds, similar smiles, similar selves.

I hope you know it wasn't her fault?
I've told myself none of it was. However what I know is different.

Do you blame her? 
I loved her like she is my sister. Still do. Secretly made sure nothing bothered her. I want to be around, making sure that she doesn't know it, ever.

The thread that connected us is broken, beyond repair. He's dead. I don't know how to still know her and not know it happened.