Friday, 27 June 2014


So, she traveled places. 

Met people.

Turned her dreams to reality.

Met her soul mate, found solace.

Made the palace she dreamt of.

Thought she was happy with all of these. 

But as she stood by the shore and counted the pieces of stars she collected from all these milestones, she realised a part was still missing.

Her worst fear was now a reality, she had left her heart behind at the very place where this journey began.

How could she ever leave, without making sure her heart was at peace?

Hours before her 21st birthday, she finally figured what she wanted to wish for.

So far and ahead, I thank you for your words and thoughts on my writing. It means a lot.
x x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Red Threads.

17 minutes past your birthday.
I am still searching for something to happen.

I don't know if we ever let go 'cause we run out of love for that person.
Its just the compatibility that runs out I guess.
We never ever stop loving someone.

But when they leave, the mark is still present.
No matter how long ago it happened.

Its not just to the love stories of a boy and a girl that it happens to.
Its even with the other people we meet, also the pets.

The world is beautiful enough to bind us in those red threads which though may extend as far as it can, and we might even try to cut it off by muting those relationships, but, the thread never breaks.
We carry it with us to the grave.

And hence each of us is bound in those threads. Some muted, some painted, some multilayered.

Thank god it happened.
No, I'm not sorry for what went wrong.
Sometimes, things aren't under our control.
But that's OK, hopefully everything happens for the best.

I'm glad it happened and reached the right end.
I wish you all the happiness ahead (Yea, even now, that's the only thing that counts, I hope you've figured that out for yourself too).

Thursday, 12 June 2014

On returning.

So I came back.

Thinking what I felt in my heart for them, the strain of distance, was enough to let go of the separation.

Thinking that for once, I could expect their love for wanting me back.

Their monotony didn't let me down, I was yet the same outsider, separated by blood.

They never loved me. Even if they did, it wasn't even close to what I felt in my heart.

I was a mere pawn to their dart, whose presence or absence made as much difference.

To them I was nobody, when in knowing the world, I had given to them, most of my heart.

For once, it was all in vain. Worthless. I wasn't counting the worth, but whatever I was thinking was crumbing down today.

But she was the only one who understood. Even though we were never connected by blood, she acknowledged that some relations are beyond those by blood. She's the only one, my sister.

And then, I felt at home.