Friday, 27 June 2014


So, she traveled places. 

Met people.

Turned her dreams to reality.

Met her soul mate, found solace.

Made the palace she dreamt of.

Thought she was happy with all of these. 

But as she stood by the shore and counted the pieces of stars she collected from all these milestones, she realised a part was still missing.

Her worst fear was now a reality, she had left her heart behind at the very place where this journey began.

How could she ever leave, without making sure her heart was at peace?

Hours before her 21st birthday, she finally figured what she wanted to wish for.

So far and ahead, I thank you for your words and thoughts on my writing. It means a lot.
x x


  1. As always you move me... I am always touch by what you right and I even read them twice... so much meaning, I love your writing. <3

  2. This is really good---I especially like the line about collecting the pieces of stars from all her milestones----beautiful!

  3. What can I say but wonder, where am I headed to. I feel happy .:)
    Birthday today??????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!

    1. Hours to go.

      29th June it is.

      Thank you so much Red.


  4. Did she wish for peace of heart?

  5. So beautiful your words, I would have thought that after all of these happy milestones your heart would be complete, I am so pleased you realised what was missing to give you peace.
    love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. No, Its difficult......can't leave her heart, its like being soul less

    Undoubtedly you have written a beautiful and profound piece

    1. Its difficult yet true.

      Somethings in life are such that you have to leave them behind to progress, but they're so crucial that they make you come back.

      Thank you.

  7. I think we almost always have those thoughts of something "missing", I think that's a part of our natural human instinct to always explore and seek. But sometimes we must be careful, for what we currently have could be something we had always wished we had. The grass isn't always greener...

  8. It is so meaningful Read it thrice, felt different each ime :)
    You are good with words.

  9. we can leave so much of ourselves behind...especially when we are 'in love' only to realize much later we really dont know ourselves any more...i am glad that she had that, what to do....smiles.

  10. my heart, my sacred heart---Smashing Pumpkins "Daydream"

  11. On this wonderful day, I wish nothing but peace for her heart.

    A very happy birthday love.

  12. Your talent is evident. And you're so young - can't wait to see what happens as life happens to you. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  13. Only long as one is alive, there's a chance of finding what one seeks.
    ~♥Happy Birthday to you!!!♥~

  14. This is exquisite. I read it multiple times and you write beautifully!

    Hope you had a lovely day the 29th