Red Threads.

17 minutes past your birthday.
I am still searching for something to happen.

I don't know if we ever let go 'cause we run out of love for that person.
Its just the compatibility that runs out I guess.
We never ever stop loving someone.

But when they leave, the mark is still present.
No matter how long ago it happened.

Its not just to the love stories of a boy and a girl that it happens to.
Its even with the other people we meet, also the pets.

The world is beautiful enough to bind us in those red threads which though may extend as far as it can, and we might even try to cut it off by muting those relationships, but, the thread never breaks.
We carry it with us to the grave.

And hence each of us is bound in those threads. Some muted, some painted, some multilayered.

Thank god it happened.
No, I'm not sorry for what went wrong.
Sometimes, things aren't under our control.
But that's OK, hopefully everything happens for the best.

I'm glad it happened and reached the right end.
I wish you all the happiness ahead (Yea, even now, that's the only thing that counts, I hope you've figured that out for yourself too).


  1. This was raw, real and beautiful ... I could have written these words to 'him'... he muted me but we are forever bound because love is always there... I wish the best for him too... I could never wish him less.

    I am so glad you posted, I love when you write... it reaches my soul... have a great day :)

  2. What's done can't be undone, who we meet will forever stay with us, who touches us, our soul, will always have an influence... beautifully put!

  3. "The world is beautiful enough to bind us in those red threads which though may extend as far as it can, and we might even try to cut it off by muting those relationships, but, the thread never breaks."

    This sealed the deal for me woman! How could weave such raw emotions into words.

  4. The end of any relationship is always a painful painful thing, but we always take things from it and there are always lessons learned. These lessons always pay off when we finally meet our one true soul mate :)

  5. i was just nodding along after each sentence. especially the first one, although i never know what i am expecting to happen... but something.

  6. and relationships are a tricky minefield...ha....sometimes our lines only cross for a bit...and sometimes they are taken apart quite violently....i try to live without regrets...each touch cahnages us just a bit...and we learn and grow into a much better love...

  7. Very creative and insightful poem about 'loss and life' ~ tis the way it goes ~ well done ~ thanks, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. This is how the globe revolves
    And this is how the earth will end
    A single thread of love
    Will bind and forever bend

  9. I love how it began, the precision of detail: 17 minutes past your birthday...Somehow that gives credence to the story and emotional content.

  10. Till death do us part. Thank you for asking sweetie, it means a lot ♥

  11. Bittersweet. There are those threads that tie us to a person forever.

  12. no story is complete without a 'proper' ending...

  13. In an uncanny manner, I could relate to it so well. Just like what I would want to tell someone in my life.

    Every line is meaningful.

  14. So beautiful and so true, we never lose those threads, they are woven into our memories and our hearts long after the moment and time has passed.
    xoxoxo ♡

  15. Lovely photo! I believe that life is made of multicolored threads, and sometimes tangled with each other!

  16. I am no expert on this part of the universe but I got to leave a comment, so here it goes. |

    Love, okay... I really don't know what to say. I like the free style! Love is weird.

  17. I am teary eyed!!! Why does love have to be this excruciating? :(

  18. We meet many hundreds, thousands some of us, but only very few still live in our hearts and minds. Some so powerful even though decades have flown we see them in dreams, day and night. First love so strong even death does not part ,,,

  19. WoW..!
    I love the way you write. Straight from Heart. <3
    And the title is amazing "Red Threads"...
    Some relationships are rosy, some may bleed... whatever happens.. its is the Red Thread weaving us with others in some or the other way! :)

    Keep writing friend!


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