Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bent not broken.

Yet again, you're leaving. 
Mommy isn't very well today. 

I know. But I don't think I can stay.
We're to leave at times, they call it work, mumma calls it duty, I call it balance.

Like pa said, you should reassess. 
There's only some time we have left together.

We're all bound by things that don't exist.
I want to believe we're infinite, and that there are infinite togethernesses left.

I hope you know its growing.
She's weak, much weaker than before.

I'll be home every weekend.
I want to know she gets better each day.

Hope is my drug of choice.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Abandoning me.

As we treaded across the lands of the world maker,  he asked to sit and listen for a while.
The next step is to abandon yourself.
I gazed at the sunless sky, wondering what it could mean.
That's when the one I could trust told the story of the boy who gave up the use of pronouns - I, me, my!
Be selfless my heart whispered.