Unjust world.

Ana was born to Leslie. 
Leslie was married to Adam.
Adam had a sister, who was mentally disabled, Kyra.
Adam's mother, got Kyra married to a doctor.
Kyra gave birth to Seth, who  was mentally impaired too.
Leslie lived with Adam's extended family.
On one had she had the two mentally disabled living within the same hood.
On the other, Adam's parents put her through hell.
She lived there anyway, caring for the two daughters she gave birth to.
She was diagnosed with cancer, detected first in stomach then in lymph nodes.

She's 49 today. Still lives with the 53 year old mentally disabled Kyra, and her 26 year old son, along with Adam who now is under the highest dosage of insulin, and is awaiting two cataract operations till he gets his blood pressure normalised. She herself made a narrow escape from Bone marrow transplant (the last possible resort) in 2009. The two mentally disabled have severe schizophrenia which makes them often violent. 
One of her daughter is now in college, and the next one goes to college next year. 

I still wonder who's fault all of this is, and why should she have to bear the burden.



  1. Maybe it isn't anyone's fault. Perhaps fate if that's what you believe in.

  2. I can put the blame on Adam's parents, to an extent, for "putting her through hell." We humans are capable of giving each other a really hard time. If, somehow, Leslie's mentally-able family members were more supportive, maybe that would have eased the burden off her shoulders. But then, we don't know much about the relationship between Adam & Leslie. Considering the absence of any mention of a close bond between the two, I might even go on to presume that there wasn't one. So, in a way, Leslie is kind of cornered when it comes to taking care of the family and dealing with her own medical troubles (it's definitely a blow when one is diagnosed with cancer).

    In a typical family structure, mothers continue to be the ones holding everyone together. That is an immense responsibility and can be overwhelming sometimes. People and/or circumstances, both are to blame. But there's also a matter of her conscious choice of being a responsible parent and a family member that makes her stick around.

    P.S. - Sorry for such a bookish rant. :P

  3. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone is at fault. Such is the world we live in.

  4. I'd blame it on God but it wouldn't be worth much aside I don't believe in the first place. This story is a perfect example of why God doesn't exist. We all only get one life, why make some suffer unbearably? So they might have a good life the second coming.

    I don't have an answer, really, other than life just happens. We are as random as it gets and so are our lives. That's nobody to blame, but stories like this hold the world together, actually. We're only as strong as our weakest link, to me that means the links taking the care are the strongest. It's all in how we look at it.

  5. Of course we could pick up a million different scenarios and point fingers blaming one or the other. But no one is at fault actually. This is how this life works around. Sometimes, it just happens without any reason and we wonder why would this happen to us or anyone. There is no logical explanation.

    But what I admire about them is that they haven't given up. That is a good thing, is it not? If they had given up, may be probably nothing would have happened. But they didn't. I guess we have to learn this and hope that there is something good right at the end of the corner of the street.

  6. As much as I know this isn't the answer that a person wants to hear, I don't feel it's anyone's fault...sadly.

  7. Love Your Blog ! Its such beautiful blog :) Great to connect :)

  8. The world is terribly unfair and will always be, I don't know if it's anyone's fault. We all have to live with what we're given.




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