Tuesday, 30 December 2014

lets be happy.

Enough said and done.

Here's a goodbye to all that pulls me down.

This new year shall begin with a better world.

Friday, 26 December 2014


She lied in a deep sleep.

I don't miss you all the time. I miss you when I feel your presence.
The church could be decorated with your smell, like it used to be.
The cars could linger within your presence, like they used to.
You're never gone to me, so there's no missing you.

This 12th January shall mark the beginning of the fifth year without you.

I am forgetting your face...
but it's not that that made me and you.

Friday, 12 December 2014

He'll wait for me.

I said this was a goodbye, a final one.

He : If letting me go has made you stronger, I believe my chapter in your life is over. And now that its over, I'd like some closure. Here it is. I am going to miss you, but the thought of you is always going to make me smile. Always. Now that's a forever. To think that there is something that can make you smile no matter what is a tempting thought. I would have chosen you anytime, but thank you for this too.
I am sorry for barging in like this, but this is who I chose to be. And around you, I choose to be me. To tell you that you are stupid to let me go but to accept it nevertheless. I like you for you. And when I say you, it means everything about you.
Last, I would like to say this: there are some things in life you can't be sure of. You think you know, and that makes you happy, but you don't. You realize later though. And its an even more happy realization.
You realize that you don't have to run from uncertainty, from darkness. You embrace it and it frees you. I hope someday, you are just as free as I am right now, if though for a little while.
And I also hope that someday we meet. You allow me to look you in the eye and I allow you to look me in mine. Maybe, it'll never happen. But I would dare God to tell me you aren't mine, because in the end, even you know and so do I, that someday you will be mine.
You will be everything you work so hard to be and at the end of it you would still be the same you.
I wish you all the very best. Every second of happiness and I pray that if you ever need anything you will know which side to sway.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I sat down one day, told myself that this point, right here, is a full stop.

Whatever is here, is going to keep coming and going.

I am a child of change, things will get worse and then better, this is it.

So, I am going to chase me down, turn things around, till I find what I seek.

I shall live in my dreams. Be who I have always wanted to be, a happier version of me.

And here I am, months later, much happier, been through the worst (who knows, going through the scariest) yet with a smile on my face.

The directions have changed.

I am free.