She lied in a deep sleep.

I don't miss you all the time. I miss you when I feel your presence.
The church could be decorated with your smell, like it used to be.
The cars could linger within your presence, like they used to.
You're never gone to me, so there's no missing you.

This 12th January shall mark the beginning of the fifth year without you.

I am forgetting your face...
but it's not that that made me and you.


  1. 12th January. I wish that the day vanishes for you. It's never easy to be the one left behind. Hope this year bring more of of joy to fill the gape. Happy new year in advance.

  2. Merry Christmas - and - A New Year Filled With Promise - I like the idea of knowing that there is the essence of knowing . . . that goes beyond appearance . . (from the last phrase, " am forgetting your face . . . . ")

  3. I pray for both of us that 'that' day will be gone for both of us one day... :-/

    I hope you had a good Christmas and a good holidays... xox

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    I hope that the new year holds some new memories and have a year filled with joy.

  5. Merry Christmas! I know that its difficult to let go certain feelings that were once sweetest but I hope the coming year brings lot of joy and happiness :)

  6. Damn, this is a hard one.... *hugs* But treasure the memories, as beautifully as you did here, always.

  7. Oh, so many emotions in a very few words. I'd feel silly if I'll say everything's gonna be okay. So let me just say take your time. And that I hope this 2015 will be better than ever for you. :)

  8. Beautifully written. I feel this grief every holiday since my sister died five years ago.

  9. Wishing you a very happy & Prosperous New Year ..Thanks for all the support! Keep writing! Keep lighting!…BEST PRAYERS FOR FUTURE!!


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