Dream on, little one!

Working too hard for things we want bring us to a point, where we find those things.

This is finding it, the dream.

Here, I take the first step in the newer world that awaits me.

He had said-

It'll be tough, too tough maybe, but it'll be worth it. He used the word 'struggle'. 

All the efforts will start making sense, when the doors start opening.


Thank you, yes you. For your presence, in my life.
You're responsible for these beautiful miracles.
Also, I am proud of me.
Most importantly, I get to do this with my best friends. It couldn't get better.


  1. Not everyone make their dreams a reality. You did.

    Not everyone is able to help you reach your goals and dreams. Kudos to that person.

  2. Awe this is so very sweet... I think of my readers the same, they always lift my spirits when I am feeling down... and they encourage me to dream bigger dreams... Have a lovely weekend and thank you for being there for me too xox

  3. I am here to read, read and read some more. You provide with writing.that touches soul. Dreaming indeed is nice.and expressing is even more admirable and you do express in a tender way. Thanks !

  4. Taking that first step is the biggest effort in itself.

    Good luck!

  5. I totally love the way you express the things :) Happy New Year !

  6. You accomplished something larger than life..!
    Good Luck for all the things to come!

  7. Je to moc hezky napsané :)

  8. It will most definitely be worth it :) and we'll be here for you every step of the way!


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