flow with me through the yin and yang.

I've always thought that there are two voids.

Two worlds inside.

A heaven and a hell. They both exist beside each other, and at a time, we can only live within one.

While we're in one, we cannot believe that the other one exists either.

While I was happy, I couldn't imagine this could happen.

Now that it has happened, I can't believe I could be so happy.

I think I was chasing the 'knowing'.

Not that I know, its different.

I wish for you peace within wherever you choose to exist, I hope you realise that it is all about the transition, it's not a destination. Neither of them.

Sending love from across the oceans; sooner, I'm beginning, the oceans are calling!

Some nights you will feel like there are a thousand galaxies exploding in every inch of you, and you are burning too bright to ever be looked at directly,
and some nights you will feel impossibly small, like your whole body could slip through the spaces between atoms and never reappear in the world again,
and some nights you will feel like a paper doll, carefully crafted and easily blown away, fragile, too delicate to ever be touched, 
and some nights you will feel like each cell in your body is made of strength that holds the whole planet together,
and that is okay, because you are made of stardust and minuscule atoms and breakable bones and the building blocks of everything in the universe, and you are too alive to never feel anything more than human.


  1. This explains how I have felt over the last few years perfectly. When 'he' was on his way home, I felt like I was hovering over cloud nine.. my cheeks hurt from smiling and my heart burst with happiness and joy... then when everything went so wrong I was in the darkest place in my life... and I wondered if I ever really felt that joy.

    I did though, it was real and although it was painful falling into despair I want to take that chance to have joy again like that... it was beautiful and magical...

  2. Such vivid images throughout. Lovely, telling piece!

  3. Wow ! I did not realize that we could hold an entire universe with our emotions, but may be we can !

  4. This is a perfect example of why things cannot be viewed as mutually exclusive. LOVE the way you wrote this...

  5. This is so beautifully written, especially the PS!
    Keep writing :)

  6. There was something magical in your words...Beautifully true!

  7. Daring to dream vividly and act on those dreams makes them real.


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