To love.

He's been gone for a while now, 5 years. Things have changed too much, some in good ways and some in ways I found hard to accept. But only one thing remained.

You. I am gonna tell you more than just a story, look deeper, it will all be for you.

It began when I was little, I fell in love with you and I secretly knew you did too.

I used to love the stars, how we would gaze at them and always find something new.

How I could go miles across the sea, look beneath the trees and still find you.

How every story that crossed my mind, every new theory I aligned, would circle around you.

How the world paved a way, for all these little things to stay in a mosaic, defining you.

By the time I realized what had happened, you took my hand into the beauty only seen by a few.

How you played with nature, devised rainbows, and made all my dreams come true.

It was always like you were secretly listening, hearing me sing or caressing me when I cry, or buying me a new shoe!

Then you'd wrap it in different ways, pass it on through my sister and paint it blue!

You took care of me, made me find what I wanted to see and even found me boys like you.

But you forgot, no one, no thing, no belief, could ever replace you.

Here's telling you, no matter how far you may be, and how different things would probably be, I am still too much in love with you.

I wish everyone could get to see, someone as beautiful as you.


  1. I wish that it had been me...

  2. This is beautiful and hopeful ... I wish you so much happiness, actually I wish you joy, for happiness can be fleeting... joy is lasting and fills our heart for when times are tough again with other challenges xox

  3. This is beautiful. Some people leave a mark on us forever, and their memories are immortal.

  4. This is so beautiful, not many of us experience someone like this and when we do their memory stays with us forever and no-one can ever replace them.
    love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Some people are beautiful like that and you are beautiful to have been chosen to come across them.
    This made me well up. I have known someone beautiful too.

  6. Very nicely written a beautiful feeling. Regards.

  7. Your romanticism always blows me away. This is incredible. This kind of love stays with us forever...

  8. full of pain yet beautiful dear.....
    take care...!!!

  9. Aw. This is so heartfelt. So filled with love and hope. May all of us find happiness and love that we deserve.

  10. I relate to this to such a deep level, I really don't know what to say. I just wish you happiness
    Take care

    Hopelessly Hopeful

  11. I never felt love quite like that. I always thought that someday I will.


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  13. If any of us have known someone that beautiful in our lives, we are blessed. I loved this! Wondering why I haven't stumbled across your blog earlier. I'm now going to stalk all your posts ;)

  14. Wow, pure creative poetry and how very beautiful :)
    Give me more you awesome woman!

    P.S. I'm gonna read this to him, RIGHT NOW! *winks*

  15. Such beautiful, heartfelt emotions, I totally relate with them.


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