Dreamin' Pink!

Wake up little heart, see what I found. 

Not yet Daddy, it's too early!

No sweetheart, look how bright the sun is, and there's music in the winds.

Okay. *Rubs the curved hands over her eyes*

See, how beautiful this is! *shows a picture of Christ the Redeemer*

Daddy, lets go for a long drive and see this place!

*Laughs* We'll do that someday sweetheart! 

10 years later.

She stands close to the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and thinks how her father kept his promise.

He let her go, and chase her dreams.

She found them, only to realize, that she wanted him to be a part of it.


  1. This made me cry... it's what I am going through right now too...I have decided something I should have decided many years ago, then maybe my heart would not be so broken right now... :'(

    I don't want anyone that isn't worthy of me and he needs to know that... also, I want my Heavenly Father to be a part of that life...

    This is beautiful xox

  2. :(
    You made me a little bit too emotional.
    Loved this one! As someone who is really super close to Dad, this pulled the strings in the heart!

  3. It never gets easier and my dreams are always just a little too far away. I miss him constantly.




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