Breaking apart.

If words could do justice, they'd not exist by now. 

Sometimes, we hit the rock bottom, and don't bounce back.

Its like being stuck there. 

I feel I'm trapped in me. Hating is point one per cent of what it feels like.

Sometimes, when there's losing hope, it feels like the dead end, like you could end it right here. 


  1. I have felt that hard bottom... wondering if I'd ever be able to pick myself up and rise above how broken I was... slowly I am rising.. it hasn't been easy... xox

  2. I feel you. I've been where you are before. This doesn't help you much now, & it's cliche to say... but know that in time, you won't feel as dead at an end as you feel now.

  3. They say that pain is one symptom that we are still alive.
    It does hurt to fall low and it can feel very close to death itself, but as long as there is breath, slowly life will hold on and things will be able to turn around.

  4. NeVeR lose hope. Hold on to something. Anything. Everything. Yes. I've felt that I must be missing the point, that there iS nothing out there, why stick around, but I'm equally glad I stuck it out, because the sun DoeS come up again.......

  5. poignant. Keep strong. You are a talented lass. Cheers, Beckie

  6. I hope you'd find your way up again soon. Love how you wrote this. :)


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