Lost stars.

He was great for her.

But she couldn't be with him.

Sometimes reasons are not needed.

Its about things we don't know about.

Maybe stars.


  1. It is sad, but true. Sometimes what is good for us or who is good for us is not with us. You could be right. It could be just fate.

  2. Stars can burn so unkindly every now and then, can't they? They stain everything sometimes.

  3. This is so true. Life is such a hard phenomenon. One hard test. It's amazing how we all are still surviving.

  4. So sad when you cannot be with the one you love, sometimes we will never know the reason why, perhaps the stars know.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. I think that is why I have had such a hard time getting over him... there was no reason why we should not have been together... we were good for each other... yet we are not... I think it is very sad...

  6. Oh, how poignant. Sometimes things happen and we don't understand why but it's just the way it is.


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