Tell me your dreams.

Step back and see,
How the world will be.
If you weren’t here,
And the darker skies were clear.

Would the sun still rise the way it does,
Or will the moon deny its scars.
Will they forget the lies we told?
Will they still act so cold?

Will she still sing those songs?
Thinking she could undo those wrongs.
Will there be another set of believes?
And the poets could stop being thought-thieves?

Will there be a shining ahead
Or will the hatred still keep itself bred
Will you and I still meet?
And this time with love, we’d greet?

Will this time, you’d hold back for a while.
And not tell me, that we’re living in denial.
Will there be, no lies or truths,
Just our little hearts and their wraths.

Will you and I still look at the sky,
Then look each other in eye,
Without breaking the glance,
The un-romantic romance.  

Will I find in your eyes,
What I’ve wanted to see.
A glare to hold on to,
Not a deception to be.

Or yet again, will you leave?
Telling me it’s mine, whether or not to believe.


  1. For me I would look closer in the eyes... the eyes have the truth... I guess it is if we want to see it or not.... this was amazing and thought provoking xox

  2. I think that there is beauty in the "Unromantic romance." We might long to see the love for us in some one's eyes and we may not see it. In time however, with patience and with hardships we might one day see something that we did not expect.
    It seems like every one is longing for that deep love that comes after a lot of sacrifice. It is strange that sometime love just comes to us and sometimes even after giving all that we have we do not find it in the eyes of the one we care for.

  3. "If only" is a dangerous line of thought.

  4. Wow, this is so deep. Yes, you will find it in the eyes. I always believe that's where the truth is.

  5. "Just our little hearts and their wraths."

    I could write novels about how wonderful this line is.

  6. Ah, the constant scare of losing someone you love. It is a terrible feeling but sometimes we just have to have faith. Beautiful poem :-)


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