Sunday, 12 July 2015

Take me home.

On one hand, the reality screamed faithlessness.
They smoked hash, and penetrated in the world within.
Like escaping reality, finding the truth, they called it.
Like the winds felt true, like truly the world knew.

On the other, I met my brother.
He was always in this world.
Like his reality was always true.
Engulfed within, science and universe exploding!

But they disapproved,
 reverse-drugged him,
gave him shocks to bring him back to what they believed was the truth.
The one they approve.

Who is to say,
 what is real?
Is it she who’s dreaming in hash of escaping within?
Or he, who lives within, and is being forced to be normal?

Who could ever define,
 Anything for that matter?
Even the definition of matter, is nothing but partial truth.
How much of what they say is ‘matter’, do you believe it actually is?

How am I to decide, who am I to choose to love?
The one who loves me back, unconditionally,
And cannot control himself?
Or the one who has always loved me, controlled me, and made me the human they wanted to see?

This brings me back
 to the yang part of reality.
The one that’s darker,
Faded, twisted and self-destructing.

Escaping seems like the exit,
Like, it could set me free.
But they told me there’s no freedom,
Not until you’ve fought it through.

Doesn’t the black hole
Take it all within and save the world?
Or isn’t the ever expanding universe
Throwing us farther away from each other?

How are we to choose?
 Which one is true or real?
Or aren’t these words ‘truth’ and ‘reality’,
Incomplete versions of everything we’ve ever wanted them to be.

The sound of my thoughts is much louder than my voice, much bigger than my head.
They break loose frolic around the room chanting the anthem of my doom.


  1. I think the one that loves us unconditionally is the one I'd choose even if they can't control themselves... I don't want anyone to control me.. even if I love them...

    This is deep and thought provoking as always... I learn ao much from your words...xox

  2. God the last line of this is just perfect. What is reality? What is dreaming? Which one is imitating which? Gorgeous.

  3. This is so awesome. ♥

    xoxo ♥

  4. This is so beautiful! ♥

    xoxo ♥

  5. Words are just man-made definitions, constructions of truth, but not truth itself.
    How much of ourselves are constructs of projected ideas,
    and how much of ourselves are the gritty, not-so-pretty workings of our true selves (untouched by everyone else who has always wanted us to be something else)?
    It's a question with an answer we will always be measuring and analyzing.

    This was truly wonderful to read. Know that.

  6. Oh my my. S, you have really surpassed yourself with this one <3

  7. I need a new drug. Not that I was given to taking the old drugs, which manifest themselves in temporary euphoria followed by physical and spiritual demise.

    1. I found my new drug. Its knowledge. I've figured that I decide the scope, so expanded it beyond space and time, and now there's no coming back.

    2. I've supped at that table.

    3. I'd have said then why do you need a new one, but then I'm guessing you've explored the sides I'm talking about, already.

    4. I think that there is a difference between "knowledge" and "meaning". Maybe I need to find deeper meaning.

  8. OMG... what a great post..
    And I love the way your blog looks... great layout..

  9. It's really hard to choose. You feel torn. I think we'll have to go for what makes us happy or better?

  10. Life always seems incomplete, no matter what reality you choose to follow.

    / Avy

  11. Abdul Kalam was one of those people who were forced into politics. They seem to turn out so much better than those who do it as part of a career. His memory is his benediction.