Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The scariest stories.

Its a difficult world for you, when you're a normal kid. You grow up and see that the world's a rat race, they're competing for everything, from those onions facing price hike to the overarching prices of brands. This is when you've gotten it all, and yet you've cried 'cause you never thought anything was enough.

But wait a minute. This began when you were a normal kid.
So, what happens to those who aren't normal? The ones with what they now call as issues. 
Just imagine what they get to face.
This kid who couldn't make the uniform sizes of letters, was told he was dyslexic. He was given shocks and medicines.
This other kid who couldn't differentiate between truths and lies; real and unreal worlds was told he had schizophrenia. He was drugged till he was shattered. Result- he fumbles when he speaks, and the reality hasn't changed much for him.
This new kid that I found out about recently was told she's a kleptomaniac. I don't know what they'd do with her. But to begin with, they've started off with the blame game.

I've been trying to figure out, what is it that the normal people don't understand about these people. Oh wait, they don't try to understand. For them, the story ends when they see that she stole their stuff. They don't realize that this needs special attention, cause this didn't happen once or twice, wasn't just about the clothes or money. But for them the story ended when they saw that their stuff was stolen.

If only, they had the heads to see, that there's more to the world than the things that they owned, that these people are as much a part of their society as they are. But no, they believe that the solution lies in throwing the ones with issues away. Yes, that's what they told me today.

I think this takes me back to those times that I faced as a kid, with my brother teaching me to steal things, or lie, or throw stones at people. But wait, I didn't do that 'cause I thought I shouldn't. He did that because he couldn't understand how to draw the line between what he felt is right, and what's actually right.

So, what about the rest of you who think you're normal, and don't understand that not everyone is? So, you think this couldn't happen to anyone of you? Just 'cause you've been lucky enough to be born sane, you can throw the rest of them out?
Go ahead. Remember that what goes around, comes around.

How many times will I have to tell you that the problem is not solved by just looking at your part of the story, but the story as a whole! Oh wait, you told me you don't care. I think that says everything about you being normal. Now I understand what you understand when you say that you're normal.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Do you remember me?

As she woke up to the smell of incense in her room, her eyes were clouded. 
There were apparitions she felt  around her, like the darkness was gone, yet the shadows remained. 
She pushed harder to open the covers of those eyes, and it felt like something was resisting it. 
That's when she felt that someone was sitting on the bed, right next to her. 
He was staring at the other side of the room. She sat on the bed, trying to understand whether or not she was dreaming. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

100 told stories.

Every story has more than just itself in it. It carries with it, the essence of a time, a place, and for each a different emotion and understanding.

Stories have changed my life, and I hope that we all find what we seek -sometimes, in our stories, sometimes, not. Stories in stories, stories in poems, they all spoke to me.

This is an ode to those 100 posts that changed my world, and every reason that each one of you gave, to justify things.

Thank you Blogger and the Blogger family for this beautiful world.

Here's one of my favorites.

I was the type of a person, that held onto things too tight, 
unable to release my grip when it no longer felt right, 
and although it gave me blisters and my fingers would all ache, 
I always thought that holding on was worth the pain it takes. 

I used to think that in losing things, I'd lose part of me too,
that slowly I'd become someone, my heart no longer knew. 
Then one day something happened, I dropped what I once held dear, 
but my soul became much lighter, instead of being filled with fear.

and it taught my heart that some things aren't meant to last for long, 
they arrive to teach you lessons, then continue on. 
You no longer have to cling to people, who no longer make you smile, 
or do something you've come to hate, if it isn't worth your while.

that sometimes what you're fighting for, 
isn't worth the cost
and not everything you lose, 
is bound to be a loss. 

-Erin Hanson