More than Flesh and Bones.

Its difficult to admit that most of our lives have essentially been running around the way we thought we looked in front of the world.

This morning I woke up with the thought of fixing body image issues.

What matters so much more than those people judging you and telling you you're not good enough is what you do.

I've been less skeptical about my work or relationships or anything else for that matter.

This week when I was to give a presentation on Corporate Reconstruction Laws, all that kept pulling me down was the thought that I don't feel as confident about my body as I used to.

The way the criticism is dealt with is not appreciable.

It pushes a person down, the effect is not just mental. Judgement reduces focus on important things, and brings the spirit down.

Appreciating what we've got and the way we've dealt with the problems is crucial. It's necessary we look past a few little dark patches and acknowledge the large bright ones.

To a certain extent the drive to write in a platform without identity attachment (here) was to prevent people from judgement when they read the content.

I think its not our fault. We've been growing up in an era of better connectivity and this has meant that our Facebook profile picture says more about us than we in person. I think its time we reconsidered the questions on what really matters.

I'm glad people have started realizing it.

“I seem to myself, as in a dream,
An accidental guest in this dreadful body.” 
― Anna Akhmatova


Everyday now brings me to the same point. Choose your battles. Make better Choices. Prioritize.


  1. Easier said than done. Ignoring the opinions and 'standards' of the world at large. But that is exactly what one needs to practice in order to be at peace, to find your shining star, your passions and beliefs. Good write!

  2. I think when it comes to weight, the inside of our body matters. If we take care to eat right for health, our looks will come as a fringe benefit.

  3. So accurate. It all comes down to generalising what is good and bad, sadly people are so susceptible to it.

  4. It's difficult to escape the world and its judgments, but we must :)

  5. Priorities - priorities - priorities. And even when you think that is a solved problem, you can still splat like a bug on a windshield. Which is to say that life happens even if you think that you have control.

  6. I found it was more difficult when I was younger... I used to care so much what the world thinks... I care less and less and I wonder more why I ever cared. This is very tough when the world tries to judge us and it doesn't feel good... the best we can do is be ourselves and try to distance ourselves from the negativity... really good post xox

  7. It's the one good thing about getting older: you care less about what other people think of you and more about the things that truly make you happy. It's a struggle but it can be won.

    / Avy

  8. Prioritizing is so hard. I've been trying to get better at that. I think I'm almost there, but I can't even imagine how truly far I have to go with myself.


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