An ode to dead ends and beginnings.

and then he said lets break each other beyond repair. Till there's nothing left of us.  

Lets fall in love beyond limitations and then leave, to never come back to each other. 

When she opened her eyes, she realized that nothing was everything she needed. And in being broken, she found herself.

Some dreams are about waking up.


  1. Sometimes nothing is all we need, and that nothing is everything and anything except fear of losing something.

  2. That sounds depressing, Ms. Assassin. It's important to find yourself, but it's difficult to find joy all by yourself.

    1. I sometimes think of exactly opposite realities in life. Then I live them, one here and one outside to draw my sense of peace. All by yourself or not, but life goes on.

  3. Hmm... this is deep... that is what he did to me, I loved him deeper than anyone else and then he left and broke me... This last year has been about waking up... maybe once I get there I will find the new dream xox

  4. I agree with LL. It is depressing. One should not have to take being hurt to fin one's self.

  5. oh i loved the dichotomy, sad but true.
    sometimes, lost is found.

  6. Love the now, love it til it breaks, then you can be reborn.

  7. Sometimes 'nothing' is all we need, we can live with that. Thoughtfully written and a beautiful image.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. Something new starts from every ending...

  9. I can give you a standing ovation right now and a slow clap. Beautiful, deep words.

  10. Why dark stuffs? And depressing situations teach us great lessons where we get learn the real we!


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