Who is she.

Am I the reflection that the mirror shows, and the darkness that those eyes find in them? 

Am I the girl who probably has commitment issues, since he died?

Am I the one who left the party that night at 2 AM and sitting on the staircase cried her eyes out 'cause no matter what she did, she couldn't save her brother?

Am I the one who believes in accepting the truth, but sometimes fixes herself with coatings of lies?

Am I the happy one, who was sitting across the painting of a car in that bar and thinking of going back in time?

Am I the one who recently got her test scores and rejoiced at the thought of one day, doing something right for the world?

Am I who would give herself away, but never let others down, no matter who they were? 

Am I the girl who didn't need a second thought to leave the city, the people, when she couldn't find peace?

Am I the one this body contemplates to be in the coming future?

Am I me? 


  1. The future isn't dreadful. It's just the future. And if trends hold it won't be unlike the past, with its triumphs and tragedies. But it's yours and nobody can do it the way that you can because it's all about you and how you approach it.

  2. I think we evolve all the time. That age-old adage: you are today exactly who you are meant to be.

  3. The worst bit is when you try to save someone and you just can't. Or you didn't realise that you needed to save someone. xoxo


  4. This is a thought provoking post... I've asked myself similar questions... my answers were that I was that girl once, I have learned and grown. So have you... you are you xox ♡♡♡

  5. Beautifully written and reflective.

  6. Its Beautifully Written !
    Life Seems to be very Simple but its really hard to find out who we really are !Many Questions strike our mind and we are left with no Answers.

  7. So many questions whose answers lies with you!

  8. The only one who can answer such questions is the one asking indeed.

  9. These questions are answers in themselves…….they are reflections of who we were at certain moments in our life……
    Do we doff or don these changes as we pass our life ??
    Yes, for good
    To adapt
    To nurture our soul

    And if we stop…..
    We fall Apart!!!


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