No more silence.

To A,

Sometimes I wish we never met.

We never took things beyond those conversations.

We never left for your place that night.

Sometimes, I wish we remained the strangers we were to each other.

And on random days, had coffee together (or maybe, not).

We'd sit together, write our hearts out in our worlds, and then shared our stories, knowing the few who understood it, included you.

I sometimes wish we never broke each other.

But then, there are 12th Januaries in my life, and solitude in yours.

In being together, we just kept getting better at being strangers.

I wish we could go back to those new year celebrations not knowing who we were, just two strangers, sitting by themselves and their broken worlds and re-did this time together.

This time, we kept each other at bay.

Talked about it, about things.

Maybe, I could find the strength to stay, maybe you could find the love to make me stay.

Maybe not.

"Every day someone fell in love with the wrong person and had to pack up all their fragile, misguided hopes and unwanted affection, and move on.” 
— Josh Lanyon. Perfect Day


  1. I sometimes think this about my 'D'... I wish we hadn't moved forward, we had stayed friends.. Yes I may have missed that glorious joy but I wonder if it was worth all the devastating pain that we both encountered... So much loss...

  2. It's sometimes easier to think of what it'd be like if you'd never known someone but then you wonder if you'd be the same person that you are for knowing them. xoxo

  3. There are mistakes you make within a relationship and then there are those relationships that end up feeling like mistakes. I've got a few of those myself.

  4. Even falling in love with the wrong person has it's own charm, The lessons we learn are first hand and what if we are able to change that person - - - not completely, even a little bit, what then if it becomes all worth while eh?

  5. La pintura ├ęs un arte sublime

  6. The "if-only" of lives always leave questions.
    Beautifully written.

  7. Relationships sure are a whole can of worms. But no matter the outcome we most always learn something.

  8. Your writing is beautiful and I can feel the sadness. Relationships can be very painful when they don't work as we had hoped but unless we open ourselves to love we will never know if this person is the one we are seeking.
    xoxoxo ♡

  9. Touching. Such beautiful sad words of love and longing

  10. You are truly a talented writer. B

  11. oooooh, you are a great writer.
    color me impressed.
    thank you

  12. Whoa. This sounds so familiar. I thought I'm reading my journal. :)

  13. That line where you said 'few understood, including you' blew me away. This post feels so real, alive and beautiful.

  14. I hope that, in spite of the pain, the person was worth it.


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