Monday, 23 May 2016

The black and white world.

'cause certain shades of blue could only be seen by a few.
some wrote down their memories, some hid them in their tears.
sometimes it flowed with the music, sometimes it imprinted itself in coffee mugs.
sometimes it could be captured, but mostly in the wind it flew.

there were ways to hide it, ways to confide in it,
no matter how loud the noises were, she could silence them in her head.
or were they deaf?
no matter how loud it went, they could only hear the parts they wanted to know.

they were only listening to the world outside, smile
at who she had become.
only to know that the smile
bore a zillion scars underneath.

Courtesy- Bhumika B. Photography
After a point, you stop hoping to expect that they'll ever understand. Didn't Conrad tell you already that they all live in their own hell, only to know what they wish to know?