birthday blues.

Sometimes I feel I should’ve been there, at the right time, to prevent that accident. Anything random could've saved him. A moment's lapse, and he could've been here, alive. Breathing.

Sometimes I wish I had gone back to his house, met his mother and sister. I wish I could muster up the courage.

Sometimes I wish I had chosen lesser complications in life, like not leaving.

Sometimes I wonder if I could save my brother. 

Sometimes I wonder I could save her from the misery of Cancer.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t who I was in those last moments with my Grandpa, and instead of asking him to leave, I wish I had told him how much I loved him.

Sometimes, some days remind me of things left undone, untold sorrys and the dreaded hollowness.

But, does it not, make me only human? 

Memories are an escape into worlds that don't exist anymore. 


  1. Mere humans who are heartbreakingly beautiful just like this post.

  2. I think we constantly say 'what if' but deep down we know it's how it was meant to be... it's not always easy to accept.... xox ♡

  3. Maybe, someday down the line, we'd know everything happened for a reason and maybe that wouldn't hurt us as much.

    Beautiful post :')
    You forever make me want to write!

  4. The what if is always there, but for such moments that stick out it sure comes to the forefront more.

  5. We regret more the things we didn't do. We can't change it though, only learn from it and move forward.

  6. What-if's can become ghosts that haunt us. I've certainly got a few.

    You have a beautiful way with words.

  7. Tu escrito me llego al alma..........Sussy.....


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