'cause I'm drunk on love tonight!

As you enter the room, making louder noises than everyone I shut myself out in the corner and think about you.

You're the loud kind, the kind that's the eye candy for everyone, getting all the attention.

I'm the hide-in-the-corner kind, silently thinking about things we do and say.

You and I are worlds apart in who we are, or are we?

Together, we silence our demons, screaming in our heads.

The voices keep reminding me, of the weird crush I've had on you for these last years.

With months until I leave, I'm always wondering about things we could do, or the people we could be.

But we're who we are. Maybe you're the quiet kind with the feelings. Maybe not.

Maybe there's nothing at all. Maybe it's all in vain. Maybe not.

Maybe, this is just a beginning. Maybe we've been waiting for each other, all our lives. Maybe not.

  Could we be dreaming the same dream? 


  1. Your are one of the most romantic souls in the universe...and it always shines through in your amazing writing.

  2. Nothing's guaranteed. It is feels good, if it does good, it is good.

  3. Live in the present. Expressed well...

  4. I know what you mean... that waiting and wondering if that's right. .. you always leave me thinking ♡♡


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