Fight it out.

Most relevant battles aren't fought outside, they're fought inside, sometimes with the closest ones.

They're not always about world peace, or international issues, they're about little things like dominance and where to draw the line.

The important conclusion is not that you should win, the important conclusion is that you should do the right thing.

DO NOT let anyone tell you what to do, at the end of it, do what you think is right.

DO NOT let their fear guide your instincts. Let your instincts speak.

DO NOT let anyone cross the line. The line between them and your sense of peace.
If you think that line is being crossed, give them hints, if they're good enough to respect your space, they'll trace their steps back. If they don't, MAKE THEM.

NO ONE has the right to harm you.

YOU DON'T have the right to harm yourself. NOR DO THEY.

NO REASON is good enough, NOR shall anything ever be.

Remember to save yourself. Fight it out if that's what it takes.

You are stronger than your idea of yourself.

"One day took a world away."
_Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides 


  1. I love how you emphasize doing the right thing over winning...those two are too often mixed up. Always the wise one, are you :)

  2. You write so beautifully and honest... we do need to keep fighting to save ourselves... we definitely are stronger than we could ever believe... it's not easy to see this when dealing with a trial xox

  3. It sounds so easy in practice, but these things sneak up on us, and one day you wake up and realized there are unhealthy patterns in your life and you need to root them out. Here's to taking control and figuring out where the lines are.

  4. "You are stronger than your idea of yourself."
    I hope that is true in my case because right now I feel shattered at a lot of levels!

    Your words are fierce yet encouraging at some level! I'm glad I stumbled upon this post today!


  5. it takes courage to be strong.


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