Places you should never go back to.

Some places look like home, but they aren't home. They could bear all the fanciness that comes with it, but those could be like silhouettes. It is the forbearance of lies.

It's not that it's all bad, it's just not for you. In living, it is important to remember your worth and not let others devaluate you. However, they will do everything possible to break you. It's their easier virtue, to find their sense of peace in blaming others.

You have to remember to remind yourself that it's not your fault.

I think that's the most difficult part, to remember that you're okay and that it's all okay, you are allowed to make mistakes and that it only makes you human.

You don't have to be scared, there is nothing worth being scared of. Even when life is pacing slow, it's alright, you are playing your role. You are doing the job merely by existing.

If no one told this to you already, let me say it out loud, thank you for existing. Thank you for being so marvelously beautiful and absolutely incredible in being yourself. In being the real version of you, you have given to this world more than it could have ever asked for.

Thank you for the love and patience. Thank you for remembering not to pluck the flowers while they were blooming, thank you for taking care of everyone, thank you for remembering not to hurt them even when they did everything possible to hurt every piece of you.

Thank you for making every morning a memoir of forgiveness and for waking up with more love.

Thank you for being so incredibly beautiful to find joy in everything no matter what pulled you down.

Thank you for being the ray of shining light in people's lives and always uplifting them to find better versions of themselves.

Most importantly, thank you for being a manifestation of love in this world.

Everyone deserves to be just as beautiful as you are, but they don't seek the truth.

Thank you for seeking the truth.

No matter where you will be, the world will honor your existence.

Thank you for being you.

'cause what you seek, lies within.
It's time to look inside. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful... just so honest and thought provoking... I love all the words here, I think we all need to remember we are important and worthy of love xox

  2. Embrace yourself with your flaws. Crave for happiness and nothing else. Thought provoking read.

  3. <3 Such sweet thoughts. We too often forget our own value, eh?

  4. just gave goose bumps, moreover reading it when you are feeling yourself as worthless is a charm.


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