Monday, 7 November 2016

Are we there yet?

Sometimes, I can't see what I'm looking for.

Is it the life of a traveler, with dreams of becoming someone.

Is it the life of a dreamer, with plans of a creator.

Is it the life of a liar, with the face of a happy girl.

Is it the life of a baker, with the smile of a musician.

Who am I anyway?

Do I even seek something, or isn't life just a drag where you keep pulling yourself through times when you'd rather not live anymore.

Why am I even doing this.

Brooklyn's too cold tonight, and all my friends are three years away.
My mother said I could be anything I wanted, but I chose to live.
-Ocean Vuong, 'Thanksgiving 2006', from Night sky with exit wounds

Picture Credits- Katharina Sophia


  1. Life is what happens while we're planning other things, isn't it? At least you're in Bern. It could be much worse.

  2. You are what you think or believe about yourself and everybody knows what they want in their life clearly...

  3. You are none of those, you are all of those, you're a multi-faceted being and you're meant to touch the world....

  4. The why of it all could take one forever to figure out. Have to keep on keeping on and tell the why to shove it sometimes haha

  5. Interesting line of thought..

    I'd hope I am the traveler looking for something to create...
    Dreaming someone's dreams :)

  6. I feel that very often. Lately, I started living each day without thinking of bigger things. I just immerse myself in chores.

  7. It seems throughout our lives we are all these, the good and the bad... we have a choice to keep going, to keep changing... even when it feels it isn't...

    I have missed you, I honestly wanted to come read you while I was away but I knew I couldn't just come read with out commenting... I really needed that break xox