Sunday, 15 January 2017

Open eyed world.

One day she woke up to her regular self. Early in the hours, the sun was yet away from visiting her window. The cup from last night's late coffee was sitting on her work desk alongside the pile of sheets.
She pressed the little red light's view alongside the music. The gloom from last night's tears was still surrounding her.

When she opened her eyes, the world depicted a new picture to her. This time, instead of letting things and situations taking control of her, she was ready to take control on her own.
The 7 years of gloom around his death were finally coming to an end.
Last night's ode to his death anniversary were probably what it took.
This realization was to take much ahead of where she contemplated things to be. She was going on a journey, with a new person inside her this time.

Instead of feeling trapped in time, she felt like time could set her free.

Right eyes, that's what it takes right? 


  1. Yes, right eyes at right time. Lovely poem :)

  2. It's not easy to see the world around you clearly. We tend to lens things in a way that reflects our bias, prejudice, pain and -- experience. Maturity and self actualization requires that we step outside that shell and take a new look with an objectivity that may have been lacking.

  3. Beautiful... I'm hoping it won't take me 7 years to get past my loss... I'm thrilled you don't feel trapped anymore... freedom is a lovely thing to have ♡♡