Monday, 20 February 2017

When I found you.

When I found you,
I realized that,
all this time
I was looking for you.

Like everything
was meant to fall apart,
so that one day,
everything could seem perfect.

It seems like
dreams could lead us to someplace.
I finally feel
what its like to be at home.

Someone once said,
house is a place
and home
is a feeling.

I think we all need
we can call home.
You're home to me.

Feels like I'm
living a beautiful dream,
and finally I have
everything that I ever needed.

"Maybe a soulmate is someone who understands the very deepest parts of you without you having to explain."


  1. The one you're calling home must be very lucky :)

  2. It's nice to be "home" to someone. Finding that someone is a challenge.

  3. This is so touching... I had that, that person that made me feel like I was home... it's such a wonderful feeling. I will always remember how sweet it was xox

  4. You are such a hopeless romantic...perhaps that is why I always connect so well with all that you write <3

  5. What a wonderfully thought-provoking poem. You're very gifted! Hugs...

  6. I loved this poem, well done. I like the phrase, or quote 'a house is a place and a home is feeling'. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.