Chapter 3- are we on the way?

Today, are we on the way?
Towards our dreams and destiny.
Towards sunrises of hope and glee.
Towards days that seem at peace.
Are we on the way?

Did we, get it right?
Could I forgive myself, for the days left behind.
For the moments spent toiling, when they could be worth the while.
Did everything in the past, add up to what we wished for?

Standing here today,
seems like today was on the way.
Everything in today, is filled with hopes from yesterday.
Maybe, someone out there was listening to the thoughts we had inside.
Maybe, the world is brewing tomorrow, with hopes from today.

Thank you for today, and everyday.
Picture Credits: Maja Topcagic


  1. I enjoyed reading your poem, very expressive. We should live for today and let tomorrow bring what may!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. It's always the journey that counts. The end is your body in the cold grave.


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